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Campaign yard signs can stay up

Now that the elections is (perhaps) over, what happens to all those signs advertising political candidates or measures?

Those signs can stay up forever, unless the people who placed them on their property want to remove them. Thankfully, they usually take them down, but not always.

According to Shelley Snow with the Oregon Department of Transportation, the signs must meet size and placement standards written into Oregon law — if not, ODOT maintenance crews would have removed them. ODOT stores the illegal signs for 30 days, after which they’re tossed.

The legal signs, Snow says, can remain up for as long as the owner desires.

As far as disposing of the signs, according to Rogue Disposal & Recycling signs are composed mostly of plastic and cannot be recycled. That means you can either stuff the sign into your garbage bin or toss it in the trailer or pick-up when it’s time for your next dump run.

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