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Abraham Lincoln statue resting comfortably (sort of)

What happened to the Abraham Lincoln statue at the entrance to Lithia Park? The stone pedestal and plaque are still there, but no statue.

— Scott J.

Well, Scott, this is a pretty easy one by SYA standards because there was a time when Ashland’s marble reproduction of Honest Abe, gifted to the city along with the Butler-Perozzi fountain in 1915, was consistently in the news for all the wrong reasons.

As reported in the Ashland Tidings, the nearly 6-foot-tall statue was beheaded four times before the city finally decided, in 2006, that it had suffered enough and removed it. Now, according to Ashland Parks and Recreation Director Michael Black, the 16th president — his likeness at least — is resting comfortably, albeit still headless, in the park’s administration office.

“Well, it’s not technically on display, it’s just sitting there,” Black said. “Somebody could come look at it if they wanted to, but like I said, the head isn’t with the body.” (Black’s tone strongly suggested to SYA that visiting Abe may not be worth the trouble).

Abe’s latest replacement head is also in storage, just not attached. There are no plans to return the statue to its former spot or Abe’s head to Abe’s shoulders.

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