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It's OK to light a menorah for Hanukkah

Is it OK to put a menorah in a window and light candles (or screw in light bulbs in an electric menorah) for Hanukkah when we are not Jewish? We want to be supportive but not offensive.

— From aging liberals, Medford

Well, aging liberals, we decided to take your question all the way to the top, at least as high up as you can go in Jackson County.

Rabbi David Zaslow of Havurah Shir Hadash in Ashland, a fan of this Since You Asked column by the way, said you’ve posed an excellent question.

We’ve included his answer here to ease any misgivings you might have about celebrating his holiday even though you aren’t Jewish:

“Hanukkah is less of a religious holiday and more of a celebration of religious liberty. It celebrates the defeat of an empire to squelch the religious freedom of a minority group, but the people of Judea banded together, whether they were religious or not, and defeated the Syrio-Greeks. So, yes, it’s totally wonderful that a non-Jewish person might want to celebrate the lighting of the menorah and placing it in their window ... as a sign of the solidarity with the Jewish people.”

As you can see, Aging Liberals, Zaslow says feel free to light up and know you’re being supportive and not offensive.

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