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Since You Asked: Jackson County has 1 virus case for every 40 people

Jackson County went many months with fairly low numbers of COVID-19 cases. At first, I though we’d be spared because of our geographical isolation, but I was wrong (for the first time in my life). I notice that we have some of the higher number of cases in Oregon. My question is how do we compare on a per-capita basis to say Multnomah County? You’d expect Multnomah County would have the most cases since it is more densely populated than our county.

—Alan A., Ashland

Well, Alan, after we talk about how many cases of COVID-19 the two counties have had so far, and then divide that number from the total number of people living in the respective counties, we should be able to give you a quick answer.

As of Friday, Jackson County has had 5,551 cases, and Multnomah has had 24,471.

Since Jackson has a population of 222,477, that equates to one COVID-19 case for every 40 people.

Multnomah has a population of 812,555, so that equates to one COVID-19 case for every 33 people.

As you can see, Multnomah has a higher caseload based on its population than our county.

Stay safe out there.

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