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Holly rebuild expected to be complete in 2021

I’m a big fan of the Holly Theatre, and its been frustrating watching the restoration efforts over the past decade come in fits and starts. The Mail Tribune recently had an article that stated the theater could open by the end of 2021. That’s only a year to get all that work done? Is that possible, considering the project still needs to raise millions? — Brent S., Medford

We asked the new interim executive director of Jefferson Live!, which operates the Holly and Cascade theaters, if he really expects to get it all done that quickly.

“It’s an aggressive timeline,” acknowledged Paul Christy. “But we need to create a sense that we’re going to get this project completed.”

Once major interior work is underway, the construction will become a useful tool to seek donations.

Also, new bids in January will give a better idea of where the project stands.

Estimates of $11 million for the complete restoration are still shy by about $3 million. If the bids come in lower, it might mean a lesser amount is needed for restoration.

But Christy said he’s committed to seeing the Holly open as soon as possible to residents of this community.

Work on remodeling the Holly started in 2011, but a number of issues, including a dispute between Jefferson Public Radio and Southern Oregon University, stalled the momentum.

About 10,000 people have toured the Holly over the years. In addition, some 3,000 have donated to the restoration effort.

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