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SYA: What percentage of Oregon has gotten the COVID-19 shot?

We’ve heard so much about the vaccines, but I don’t know anyone who has gotten the shot yet. Could you let us know what percentage of the Oregon population has received the vaccine? I’m 67 years old, and I was on the fence about getting the shot, but I figured I’m probably not going to live much longer anyway, so what the heck. When can I expect to get my shot?

Brad M., Medford

It’s been a slow rollout for the vaccine, Brad.

Gov. Kate Brown has vowed to get up to 12,000 shots a day soon, so we’ll see.

To date, only 2.2% of Oregonians have received the vaccine, or just shy of 100,000 people, according to the Oregon Health Authority. The shots given so far represent 37% of Oregon’s supply of the vaccine. Of those vaccinated, only 4,081 have received the two shots required to ensure they are fully immunized against COVID-19.

On Saturday, 8,648 doses were administered, still short of the Brown’s target.

The first group of people to get shots were health care workers and long-term care facilities, but there aren’t enough vaccines available yet for the first phase.

As to when you will be able to receive his shot, Brad, those 65 and older are among the groups who will be next in line along with critical workers and people who have underlying health conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID complications.

Unfortunately, Brad, a precise timeline for your shots isn’t available yet because supplies of the vaccine are still limited.

By the way, most people who have received the shot around the world have reported minimal side effects, though some who are prone to allergic reactions have had some issues. The death of a 56-year-old doctor in Florida last week after receiving the vaccine is under investigation.

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