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Drive as if students are in school

Is the Medford School District thinking about putting up active signs in school zones that would notify drivers that school is in session? When an employee comes to work on a school day, they could just flip a switch. Maybe a sign that would flash yellow and light up to let drivers know they need to slow down. Currently with school vacations, no school because of the pandemic, training days, etc., nobody really knows whether school is in session. On days when school is out, it’s frustrating to be behind a driver who is doing 20 mph.

— Mike, via email

That unlikely to happen, Mike.

Even though not all students are in a physical classroom right now, some are. And there’s a routine to it.

“We currently have students on all of our campuses every day through limited in-person instruction, which is allowed through the Oregon Department of Education,” Medford School District spokesperson Natalie Hurd said via email. “They are there in smaller groups than prior to the pandemic, and for only two hours a day, but they are there.”

If it’s Monday through Friday, just assume it’s a school day and drive in the school zones accordingly. It’s likely students are there in some capacity. Medford police are aware of this, too.

“Drivers should be aware that if it’s Monday through Friday during school hours, there are likely to be students in the area,” Hurd said.

The district is planning to increase the number of students on campus in the coming months following a December announcement from Gov. Kate Brown that makes statewide metrics for reopening advisory rather than mandatory.

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