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White City has county's most COVID-19 cases per capita

Can you tell us how many COVID-19 cases have been found in each ZIP code in Jackson County?

— Kathy, via email

According to map data updated every Wednesday by Jackson County Health and Human Services, the area with the most local coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic is the 97501 ZIP code area, which includes west Medford. As of Jan. 20, the area had seen 2,071 cases.

The 97504 area, which covers east Medford, had 1,683 cases, Central Point had 968, White City had 583, Ashland had 436, Eagle Point had 385, Talent had 189, Jacksonville had 165, Rogue River had 125, Phoenix had 124, Gold Hill had 101 and Shady Cove had 52 cases.

Some of these areas have larger populations than others, so the county has considered that with COVID-19 cases per capita. West Medford has had the most cases overall. but it was second behind White City when adjusted for population, with 4,917 cases per 100,000 people. White City had 5,538 cases per 100,000.

East Medford was third per capita with 3,787 per 100,000, Central Point had 3,495 per 100,000, Eagle Point had 2,663 per 100,000, Phoenix had 2,458 per 100,000, Jacksonville had 2,386 per 100,000, Talent had 2,383 per 100,000, Gold Hill had 2,195 per 100,000, Rogue River had 1,807 per 100,000, Ashland had 1,783 per 100,000, Shady Cove had 1,562 per 100,000 and Trail had 1,489 cases per 100,000.

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