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Freeway project killed apartments

Whatever happened to plans for the Almond Street Apartments in downtown Medford? Back in 2016 the Mail Tribune published several stories about the project, which was supposed to contain 108 apartments near East Main Street. Then in 2018 you wrote a story saying the Oregon Department of Transportation was looking to buy part of the property for future expansion of the I-5 viaduct. I haven’t seen any stories since then. Is the project still happening? Did ODOT buy the land and kill the project? What gives?

— Logan M., Medford

First of all, Logan, you’re right, ODOT needed a 60-foot-wide strip of land as part of a long-range project to improve the Interstate 5 viaduct that cuts through Medford.

It was just enough land to effectively kill the apartment project you’re referring to. The Mail Tribune first reported about the project in 2016.

The Almond Street Apartments were proposed as a 108-unit, 22,290-square-foot complex on 1.23 acres between Almond Street and the Interstate 5 viaduct. The fourth story of the U-shaped complex would have been higher than the freeway, while the majority of the 115 parking spaces would have been beneath the apartments.

Despite the setback, the Medford Planning Department has remained in contact with the Almond Street property owner hoping to get another project off the ground.

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