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Dateline NBC episode on Ruch homicide hasn't aired

Did Dateline NBC ever run their profile on the Tucker Reed homicide case? — Archie, via email

The national newsmagazine has yet to reveal a new air date for its special about the 2016 Southern Oregon homicide case involving Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed — who has blogged, authored books and reported for the Grants Pass Daily Courier under the byline Tucker Reed, and starred in a locally produced horror film under the stage name Wyn Reed.

For those just tuning in, Reed was sentenced to prison last May after pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge in the July 26, 2016 shooting death of her uncle, Shane Moore, on Reed’s grandmother’s property on Thompson Creek Road.

The nuances of the homicide are complicated with enough twists and turns to merit an hour on national television. Among highlights were the juxtaposition of an accomplished Ashland High School and University of Southern California graduate — born to two bestselling authors — and her drug-addled uncle, a bitter property dispute and a secret video recording that took years to surface into evidence.

Dateline NBC was originally slated to do just that on Oct. 2 with the premiere of “A Killer Role”; however, it never aired.

If you can think back before the election to early October, you’ll remember that’s when then-President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, and that Friday evening NBC — along with all broadcast networks — aired live coverage about the former president’s hospitalization.

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