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Signs have size and placement rules, but no deadline on removal

In this articleyou mention that campaign signs can stay up year-round, but doesn’t Medford have a municipal code requiring that such signs be taken down 7 days after an election?— Jake, via online

According to the City of Medford, campaign signs no longer require permits on private property, but there are still some limits on size and display time.

Signs erected within eight weeks prior to a federal, state or local election that are also removed within seven days after the relevant election date are exempt from permitting requirements, according to the municipal code. All other temporary or portable signs require a permit.

In residential zones, signs are limited to a 6 square-foot area up to 6 feet tall. In commercial and industrial zones, signs up to 32 square feet can be displayed. Signage may not be shown on city property or public right-of-ways.

A separate code regarding right of way obstructions states a permit may be approved if the applicant proves “the sign shall not obstruct the pedestrian and other modes of traffic on the sidewalk or right of way in question.”

Article VI in the municipal code, which regulates sign placement and size in city limits, does not apply to signs that follow the 6-by-6 rule in single family residential zoning districts, multiple-family residential districts and the public parks zoning district, up to two signs per parcel.

Depending on the message, the sign might fall under political campaign signage or a plain ‘ol sign.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, signs about a “candidate or cause” cannot be posted on a highway right of way or within view of a designated scenic area. If a sign located on private property is visible from the highway, additional requirements must be met.

No compensation can change hands regarding the sign itself or the message on it. Signs can only be posted for 60 days or fewer and must be on private property away from the public right of way.