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Medford stepping up school zone driving enforcement

Are school zone speed limits being enforced now that kids are back in school?

— Randy, Medford

Since Medford’s youngest students have returned to local schools — the Medford School District welcomed back kindergartners and first-graders on Monday and second- and third-graders Thursday — the school zone speed limits are being enforced.

Medford drivers should also know that the Medford Police Department will have increased patrols in school zones within the city of Medford on March 1.

MPD sent out a press release about the move recently. It read, in part: “We ask that drivers be aware of school zones and use caution when driving through them. It is important to know that fines for speed violations increase significantly when they occur within a designated School Zone.”

Some of those school zones will include signage displaying the speed limit at 20 mph “when flashing” or “when children are present,” while others will warn drivers that the 20 mph limit will be enforced on school days between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What does “when children are present” mean exactly? According to Oregon Revised Statute 811.124, children are present at any time and on any day when kids are: occupying or walking within a crosswalk; waiting on the curb or shoulder of the highway at a crosswalk; a traffic control member is present to assist children at a crosswalk.”

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