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Jackson counties a dime a dozen

How many Jackson counties are there in the U.S.? What would it take to change the name of our county to something more unique?

— Claudia

It is a very common county name, Claudia. Apparently Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, was a very popular president.

We found references to Jackson County in 24 states, from Alabama to Arkansas and Mississippi to Michigan.

It seems to be especially popular on the East Coast, with Texas being the farthest west apart from Oregon.

As far as changing the name of Jackson County, it could be done either through the Jackson County Board of Commissioners or by the voters of the county.

Last year, there was an effort to rename Lane County because of Joseph Lane’s pro-slavery sentiments and violence against Native Americans. Lane was Oregon’s first governor and owned a slave, a 10-year-old Modoc boy.

Jackson was also a slave owner, by the way.

The Lane County commissioners didn’t take any action on the proposal and said they thought it would be more appropriate to put the matter before the voters.

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