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What happened to the volunteer opportunities?

Hello, I am an e-Edition subscriber. I used to see a section in the MT for volunteer opportunities. Does that section still exist? If so, I belong to a local organization that would like to post something. Please advise.

— Becky K.

The SYA news desk didn’t have to look very far to answer this question because, of course, it was our own copy desk editor and page designer Troy Heie who was responsible for keeping that list updated.

According to Heie, the volunteer opportunities list was published on a space-available basis up until COVID-19 restrictions took effect.

Because the file was so long, Heie said, we didn’t regularly publish it in the newspaper. The file was updated every few weeks, but most of the entries came from the Pacific Retirement Services website and remained much the same for years. We stopped receiving notices of volunteer opportunities during the pandemic, but we may bring it back once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and those opportunities return.

To contact PRS directly to ask about volunteer opportunities, call 541-857-7780 or email volunteer@retirement.org. You may also want to check out the page on the PRS website that’s dedicated to volunteerism: www.retirement.org/about/volunteer-network. There you’ll find information about volunteer opportunities like the Volunteer Grandparent Program, which offers “nonjudgmental, ongoing assistance to at-risk and special needs children who may have little support from family members.”

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