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Medical waste from COVID-19 vaccinations is incinerated

I am deeply grateful that so many of us are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, but I have a concern. Where and how are they disposing of all those gloves, wipes, syringes and needles?

— Linda, Phoenix

Rogue Disposal and Recycling provides medical waste disposal services to Asante, Providence and other customers, said Garry Penning, director of governmental affairs and marketing for the company.

The company is also helping to ensure safe disposal of medical waste from the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

Rogue Disposal and Recycling gathers up needles, gloves and other medical waste from vaccination events, Penning said.

That material is then picked up by Stericycle, a national company that specializes in medical waste management.

Stericycle incinerates the medical waste from COVID-19 vaccinations, reducing it to ashes. The company has to follow a range of regulations, including filtering the discharge from incineration to protect air quality, Penning said.

The medical waste is not recycled, he said.

Penning said Rogue Disposal and Recycling is glad to help out with the vaccination rollout.

“We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and we can get back to a somewhat normal life,” he said.

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