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Paper grab on hold until pandemic eases

Can I still get ends of your paper rolls at 1 p.m. Thursdays behind the press building, at 33 N. Fir St., in downtown Medford?

— Jason

That’s a no-go for the time being because of the pandemic, Jason. We value your health and safety more than whatever you might need that paper for.

“We’re still not doing it,” said Karen Redfield, Rosebud Media’s production assistant manager and preprint coordinator, adding the department is following state health guidelines very closely. “It involves people who come and stand real close to each other, because they all want to participate.”

For years, the unused paper that remained on those massive rolls we print our newspapers on was a first-come, first-served offering available at select times of the week. That came with a problem: most of the rolls went to more, shall we say, motivated attendees who would “scoop up things by the handful,” Redfield said.

The production department had to insert themselves into the process to make sure more than a couple of eager paper enthusiasts walked away with something.

“We’re trying to be good neighbors. I had that conversation,” Redfield said.

After that, self-regulation became part of the pickups.

But it’s been put on hold for now. That said, if all of this starts to calm down and the Oregon Health Authority’s guidelines say it’s OK, it could return, Redfield said.

Until such time, keep wearing your mask, washing your hands and physically distancing.

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