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Busy school zones don’t violate the law

Northbound on Brookdale Avenue between East McAndrews Road and Lone Pine Road is totally blocked shortly before 2:30 p.m. weekdays with parents' cars lined up to pick up children at Lone Pine Elementary. I love children and am glad that school is open, but is it legal to block the street?

— Lois

As long as drivers aren’t blocking intersections or bike lanes in this situation, they’re abiding by the rules of the road, Lois.

“If they were to back up into the intersection, if they were to be blocking the bike lane, there are violations for that,” said Medford police Sgt. Steve Furst. “But nothing else is a violation.”

Additional details on obstructing cross traffic can be viewed under ORS 811.290. Details about vehicles staying out of bike lanes can be viewed under ORS 811.435.

Being aware that school zones are likely going to be busy places in the morning and afternoon hours for a while is key, with new safety policies in place for pickup and dropoff times.

Students are returning to the classroom Monday following spring break, and Medford police are urging drivers to be cognizant while in school zones. The agency will have signage displaying the speed limit at 20 mph, applicable when flashing, or on school days from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. in zones adjacent to school grounds.

Zones at school crosswalks away from school grounds will have signage displaying the speed limit at 20 mph, applicable when flashing or when children are present.

Visit oregon.gov/odot/Engineering/Pages/School-Zones.aspx for more information.

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