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No air date revealed for Dateline NBC ’Killer Role’ TV episode

I saw the story about Dateline NBC’s new podcast about a Ruch homicide in which a woman shot her uncle, and later starred in a locally produced horror film. Nowhere in the story does it say anything about when the program will air. When can I catch this Dateline episode on TV?

— via Twitter

Our story about the new Dateline NBC podcast didn’t mention an air date for the program about the story of Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed — better known by her pen name Tucker Reed and her stage name Wyn Reed — because the national television network hasn’t yet revealed an air date.

We reached out to the network, but we haven’t received an answer as to when the television episode will air.

The network is more focused on its six-episode true crime podcast narrated by Dateline host Keith Morrison. The first two episodes were made available April 13 on major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, and the third was released Tuesday.

Reed, an Ashland High School and University of Southern California graduate, was arrested in the summer of 2016 in the shooting death of her maternal uncle, Shane Moore, on her grandmother’s property.

Reed pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter last year, but only after a series of plot twists such as a surreptitious recording of the killing and her starring role in a locally produced thriller came to light.

If you were under the impression that the show should have aired already, it’s because it was supposed to air last fall. The Oct. 2 premiere never happened, however, because the network instead broke to live news coverage of the president’s hospitalization that evening.

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