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Vet curbside service part of Oregon health guidelines

Do you know why I can go to a salon for a haircut, go to the dentist for a cleaning but I cannot go into my veterinary clinic with my pet?

— Andrea M., Gold Hill

If curbside service worked for haircuts and dental appointments, state health officials would probably recommend it in those circumstances, too.

According to the Oregon Health Authority recommendations for veterinary facilities during the pandemic, the guideline recommending that pet owners wait curbside is intended to limit contact between people — whether by preventing people from waiting in waiting rooms or by limiting contact between veterinarians and animal owners.

The guidelines offer exceptions to the curbside service rule, but only in cases of euthanasia, showing an owner how to administer a medication, or in the case of managing a large animal such as a horse.

Those veterinary restrictions likely won’t let up until the end of the pandemic, according to handouts from the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association. The state eased restrictions on things such as hair care and dining with the intent of getting parts of the economy restarted.

"But we don’t expect to see a change for a while on safety measures like curbside check-in until COVID-19 infections significantly decrease in our state,“ an OVMA handout states.

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