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Two commissioners say they have been vaccinated

What is the vaccination status of the three Jackson County commissioners? Jackson County Public Health Director Dr. Jim Shames set a good example by receiving his COVID-19 vaccination.

― Edgar, Medford

In a previous story about men lagging behind women in getting COVID-19 shots locally and nationally, we reported that Jackson County commissioners Rick Dyer and Dave Dotterrer had been vaccinated.

Dyer told the Mail Tribune he looked into the federal Food and Drug Administration’s process for granting emergency approval for the vaccines. He said he felt the vaccines were safe for him and his family, and they wanted to do their part to help reopen Oregon.

Dotterrer told the Mail Tribune he felt comfortable about the safety of the vaccines, did a cost-benefit analysis and decided getting vaccinated was the prudent thing to do.

This week in response to your question, we asked Commissioner Colleen Roberts about her vaccination status.

Roberts declined to answer and referenced a June 1 proclamation by the three-member Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

The proclamation states the county opposes any mandate that individuals disclose their personal medical information for the purpose of accessing a private or public good or service. The proclamation also states opposition to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and any mandatory requirement that businesses, faith institutions or any other organization verify a person’s vaccination status.

“I support our board’s position and unanimous decision in opposition to ANYONE having to divulge their personal health information,” Roberts said in an email. “This was a proclamation that I support in theory and practice. I fully support health decisions being made privately and in conjunction with their trusted medical professional’s advice."

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