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Real ID renewals normally last for eight years

My friend renewed his driver’s license two weeks ago (even though it didn’t expire for another year) and he got the new Real ID. The renewal date is August 2022. And it cost him $75. We used to have renewal dates from four to eight years away. What's with the deal with one-year renewal, and will it cost him another $75? It seems the state is making a lot of money and creating a lot of work for the DMV if everyone has a license that will expire in less than two years.

—J.R., Medford

Because your friend's renewal date on his Real ID is more than a year away, what probably happened is that they replaced their ID instead of renewing it.

When an ID is replaced the expiration date doesn’t change, but when an ID is renewed a new expiration date is set eight years in the future.

Another possible explanation is if your friend is in Oregon on a limited-term basis through, for example, a work visa or as a student. In this case, their license is valid for as long as their immigration status is valid in the United States.

The original October 2021 deadline requiring people to have Real IDs or another form of federal identification, like a passport, to fly domestically has been pushed back until May 3, 2023. Passports expire every 10 years.

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