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Stay slow around schools this summer

Will Medford police enforce school zone speed limits during summer school?

— no name given

Definitely. The Medford Police Department sent out a news release Thursday notifying local drivers that some Medford schools will host summer learning programs starting next week and that, yes, school zones adjacent to the school buildings slated to host those programs will be enforced.

“It is important to know that fines for speed violations increase significantly when they are within a designated school zone,” said the release.

The summer learning programs to which MPD is referring has been dubbed Summer Experience, and it’s coming to 11 Medford schools starting Monday: Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Hoover Elementary, Howard Elementary, Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, Kids Unlimited Academy, McLoughlin Middle School, Central High School, North Medford High School and South Medford High School. Jacksonville Elementary, which will host students from that school plus Oak Grove Elementary, is also a part of Summer Experience.

Summer Experience is divided into four time blocks, each lasting approximately two weeks and running Monday through Thursday each week, with a break during the week of Independence Day: June 14-24, July 1-15, July 19-29 and Aug. 2-12.

Speed zones adjacent to school grounds will have signage displaying the speed limit at “20 mph when flashing,” or “school days 7 a.m.-5 p.m.” Zones at school crosswalks away from school grounds will have signage indicating the speed limit at “20 mph when flashing” or “when children are present.”

For more information, visit the Oregon Department of Transportation’s school zone information link at: www.oregon.gov/odot/Engineering/Pages/School-Zones.aspx.

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