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From camera to canvas: artist turns to brushes after a lifetime of photography

Cyris Maitland has seen many corners of the world. And he chose Ashland as the corner he most wanted to capture on canvas. Maitland is a Scottish-born artist who has spent a lifetime capturing life on film, canvas, and even dry wall.

Maitland began his career as a photojournalist for the Daily Mirror of London. During the 22 years he spent at the Daily Mirror, he covered events ranging from the Royal Family to high-profile court cases, to the funeral of Winston Churchill.

After touring the set of the Beatles' "A hard days night," Maitland formed a friendship with John Lennon. Their friendship led to an exclusive photo shoot with Lennon. Yoko Ono used one picture that Maitland took in a video-biography she created of the rock icon.

Maitland began painting after he and his wife Lucie traveled to Maitland's home town in Scotland. "He wanted to show me where he grew up and all of his boyhood haunts," Lucie said.

He describes that trip to Scotland as an epiphany. "I realized that I want to paint these views and landscapes. I don't want to photograph them any more, I want to paint them," recalls Maitland.

Unfortunately for Maitland, he wasn't prepared for his epiphany.

"I had all of these wonderful images I wanted to paint," says Maitland. "But I didn't have any canvas. So I just painted on whatever was available. That happened to be a big piece of drywall."

"It was a really beautiful painting," says Lucie. "But we couldn't even lift it. What are you supposed to do with a painting on drywall!?"

Maitland paints scenes and landscapes from many everyday places and views in Ashland.

"I paint joyful colors and places and scenes that I have been to and enjoyed," says Maitland. "I paint Alex's because it's one of my favorite places. It's the same with different views and spots. I love painting Pompadour Bluff because it changes all the time."

Maitland captures Ashland and his work is a lasting reflection of the changes and growth to the town.

"There are many homes that have sets of Cyris Maitland's landscapes of Ashland in their living room," says Lucie. "People are drawn to the way his work shows where they live."