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Busking for cash brings band together

Shiloh Halsey is a member of the local band Alias Real with Sunny Erickson, James Foster and Bil Lachke. But Alias Real is not the typical band playing typical music.

For starters, Shiloh is the lead flutist in the band.

"My grandpa was a flutist and I picked it up from him. He is why I entered the realm of music," says Halsey.

The band also has different sounds thanks to a "warp module." The warp module is a machine created by the members of the band that keyboards and percussion can be plugged into to create different and unique sounds.

"We get a real positive response from the people we play for. The crowds go into a sort of yogic trance," Halsey says.

The four band members met when they were all "busking" on the streets of Ashland, Halsey says.

"Busking is playing on the street just trying to make a little money," Halsey says. "We all just kind of ran into each other and eventually decided to form a band."

Alias Real has only been together for about six months but already they have recorded an album and have a planned tour during the end of February through California, followed by a tour in Eugene and Portland in March.

Alias Real performs all original music written by Erickson and Halsey.

"We think that it's the best music there is," says Halsey. "And we have a lot to say, it's hard to make us shut up musically. We ain't no hip-hop group, and we're not going to go away."

Halsey describes the music as progressive groove and says that their songs are about different ways of thinking and intuition.

"One of our songs, Into the Emptiness, explains our process," says Halsey. "It's about boosting ourselves into the abyss of the world and whatever becomes of you. You just fall into the emptiness."

Alias Real plays at many different venues around town and will be performing at Taboo on Feb. 20, at 9:45 p.m. A sample of their music can also be heard at their web site www.AliasReal.com.