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50 First Dates

Henry falls deeply in love with Lucy after a memorable encounter, only to find the following day that she has no idea who he is. It turns out she has lost her short-term memory and "reboots" after each night's sleep. This leads to Henry wooing her anew every day. With Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Rated PG-13 for crude sexual humor and drug references. 96 min.HI


Music drama portraying a rising young ballerina in her first season at Chicago's Jeffrey Ballet. Against a backdrop of rehearsal rooms, Chicago landmarks, gritty hangouts, and a dusty apartment, the dancer is seen leaving her life and learning her craft. Directed by Robert Altman. Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco. PG-13 for brief strong language, some nudity and sexual content. 112 min. HHH

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

An egocentric teenage girl moves from Greenwich Village to a suburban high school, upsetting the established order as she believes she deserves to be the most popular. With Lindsay Lohan, Adam Garcia and Glenn Headly. PG for mild thematic elements and brief language. 90 min.HI

Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

1958, 18-year-old Katey bring an innate curiosity and a smattering of Spanish to her new life in Havana, where her father has taken an executive position with Chrysler. Expected to join the smart set of American teenagers who are her neighbors, Katey finds herself drawn to Javier, a pool boy. Romola Garai, Diego Luna. PG-13 for sensuality. 86 min. HI

Fog of War

Documentary from Errol Morris, culled from nearly 20 hours of interviews with Robert S. McNamara who served as secretary of defense during the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The title refers to a Chinese saying referring to the clouding of the mind that occurs in battle. PG-13 for images and thematic issues of war and destruction. 106 min.HHHH

Girl with a Pearl Earing

Not that one intends any slight against a generally accomplished cast - featuring shooting star Scarlett Johansson - but it's the look and attention to detail that truly set the movie apart. And that's appropriate to a story about the mysterious way painters achieve something of beauty. Here, the artist is Johannes Vermeer, and in Peter Webber's film we get the possible back story to one of his best-known paintings. Cinematographer Eduardo Serra offers a visual rendering of the Dutch town of Delft in the 17th century that has a shimmering quality worthy of Vermeer himself. So ravishing is the film to look at - an achievement shared by production designer Ben van Os and costume designer Dien van Straalen - that its surface threatens to overwhelm its substance. Rated PG-13 for some sexual content. 99 min. HHHI

Broken Lizard's Club Dread

"Broken Lizard's Club Dread" - What a perfect title. This splatter-genre spoof is so dreadful you want to bash its disagreeably unfunny characters with a club. The movie's a surprising slide for the five-man comedy troupe Broken Lizard, which wrote and starred in the amusing 2002 cop farce "Super Troopers." Aiming for a medley of humor and horror, the Lizard boys achieve neither, spinning a loud, boorish, cheesy tale about a machete madman slicing up the randy staff at a tropical resort. How Broken Lizard got Bill Paxton to debase himself with an embarrassing role as a Jimmy Buffett-style one-hit wonder is the biggest puzzler. R for violence/gore, sexual content, language and drug use. 103 min.HI


In 1890, a wealthy sheik invited an American cowboy and his horse, a mustang, to enter a centuries-old 3,000-mile survival race across the Arabian desert. The challenge had previously been restricted to only the fines Arabian horses ever bred. The odds against the cowboy and his mustang even surviving the race were enormous. Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Timothy Dalton. PG-13 for adventure violence and some mild innuendo. 136 min.

House of Sand and Fog

Like a human chemistry experiment, this drama documents the explosive mixture of pride and desperation. Jennifer Connelly plays a down-on-her-luck cleaning woman, evicted from her home because of a county tax mistake and her own negligence. Ben Kingsley is the other half of this formula, a stern former Iranian Air Force colonel who buys her bungalow at auction for a quarter of its worth. Neither wants to compromise, and the scenes between the two Oscar-winners are filled with loathing and compassion for both sides. First-time feature director Vadim Perelman and co-screenwriter Shawn Lawrence Otto impressively adapt Andre Dubus III's Oprah-endorsed novel, making this story of small-time failed humanity seem epic in scale, a metaphor for any conflict - global or personal.

Rated R for violence and disturbing images, language and a scene of sexuality. 126 min. HHH


Academy Award Nominee, Best Actress. Drama about the life of Aileen Carol Wuornos, a highway prostitute who was executed for killing seven men in the state of Florida in the 1980's. With Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Lee Tergesen, Annie Corley, Pruitt Taylor Vince. Rated R for strong violence and sexual content, and for pervasive language. 111 min. HHHI

Mystic River

5 Golden Globe Nominations including Best Drama, Director, Screenplay, Actor and Supporting Actor. Three childhood friends whose relationship ended after a tragic accident are reunited 25 years later by a murder investigation. Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura Linney. Rated R for language and violence. 138 min.HHHH

Passion of Christ

A vivid depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ's life. He is betrayed by one of his own inner circle and crucified for unsubstantiated charges of treason against Rome. In Latin and Aramaic, with subtitles. Directed by Mel Gibson, with James Caviezel. R for sequences of graphic violence. 127 min. HH

Starsky and Hutch

Based on the 1970s TV series, two San Francisco cops with different styles prove to be an unbeatable combination when they are partnered for the first time in a murder investigation. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Snoop-Dog, Amy Smart, Chris Penn, Fred Williamson. PG-13 for drug content, sexual situations, partial nudity, language, some violence/100 min.

Triplets of Belleville

Animated feature about a boy training for the Tour de France who, along with other racers, are kidnapped. It's up to the boy's grandma and dog to try and rescue the lad, which leads them to three crazy old crones. The animator's love for hot jazz, Max Fleischer, Tex Avery, Betty Boop, etc. is apparent throughout. In French, with English subtitles. PG-13 for images involving sensuality, violence and crude humor. 80 min. HHHI


Jessica, whose father was a serial killer, is a female patrol officer. While investigating a murder, she finds herself in the center of her own investigation when her former lovers start dying at a furious pace. Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia. R for violence, language, sexuality. 97 min. HI

Welcome to Mooseport

A beloved two-term president retires to a small East Coast town to write his memoirs. Implored by the townsfolk to run for mayor, he enters the race with a hardware store owner running against him. A friendly rivalry heats up when the men find themselves in competition not only for the job, but for the affections of the same woman. With Gene Hackman and Ray Romano. PG-13 for some brief sexual comments and nudity. 111 min.HH