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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Agent Banks goes undercover as an exchange student in — an elite boarding school in England. With Frankie Muniz and Anthony Anderson.

Rated PG for action violence and some crude humor. 101 — min.H

Dawn of the Dead —

A mysterious plague causes the dead to rise from their — graves and eat the living. A group of people take shelter in a shopping — mall to try an protect themselves from the flesh-eating zombies. Ving — Rhames, Sarah Polley, Mekhi Phifer.

Rated R for pervasive strong horror violence and gore, — language and sexuality. 100 min.HHH

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind —

Joel discovers that his long-time girlfriend has undertaken — an experimental procedure where all of her memory of Joel is removed. — Frustrated by the idea of still being in love with a woman who doesn't — remember their time together, Joel agrees to undergo the procedure as — well, erasing memories of her. But he begins to regret his decision. Jim — Carrey, Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson, Kirstin Dunst, Mark Ruffalo.

Rated R for some drug and sexual content. 108 min.HHHH

Fog of War —

Documentary from Errol Morris, culled from nearly 20 hours — of interviews with Robert S. McNamara who served as secretary of defense — during the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The title refers — to a Chinese saying referring to the clouding of the mind that occurs — in battle.

Rated PG-13 for images and thematic issues of war and — destruction. 106 min.HHHH

Girl with a Pearl Earing —

Not that one intends any slight against a generally accomplished — cast - featuring shooting star Scarlett Johansson - but it's the look — and attention to detail that truly set the movie apart. And that's appropriate — to a story about the mysterious way painters achieve something of beauty. — Here, the artist is Johannes Vermeer, and in Peter Webber's film we get — the possible back story to one of his best-known paintings. Cinematographer — Eduardo Serra offers a visual rendering of the Dutch town of Delft in — the 17th century that has a shimmering quality worthy of Vermeer himself. — So ravishing is the film to look at - an achievement shared by production — designer Ben van Os and costume designer Dien van Straalen - that its — surface threatens to overwhelm its substance.

Rated PG-13 for some sexual content. 99 min. HHHI

Hidalgo —

In 1890, a wealthy sheik invited an American cowboy and — his horse, a mustang, to enter a centuries-old 3,000-mile survival race — across the Arabian desert. The challenge had previously been restricted — to only the fines Arabian horses ever bred. The odds against the cowboy — and his mustang even surviving the race were enormous. Viggo Mortensen, — Omar Sharif, Timothy Dalton.

PG-13 for adventure violence and some mild innuendo. 136 — min. HHI

Ladykillers —

"The Ladykillers" - It looks like a Coen brothers movie. — It sounds like a Coen brothers movie. And, unfortunately, it runs out — of steam after about an hour like the last Coen brothers movie, "Intolerable — Cruelty." Until then, this remake of the 1955 caper starring Alec Guinness — is funny, quirky, and has a terrifically twisted eye for detail. Tom Hanks, — playing his first truly bad bad guy, is a marvelous mixture of Foghorn — Leghorn and Sideshow Bob as the pretentious leader of a gang of thieves — who use an elderly woman's cellar to tunnel into a casino vault. Irma — P. Hall avoids caricature and shows real poignancy as his feisty landlady. — The supporting roles, though, are too cartoonish to be three-dimensional, — even for a Coen brothers movie.

R for language, including sexual references. 104 min. — HHI

Monster —

Academy Award Nominee, Best Actress. Drama about the life — of Aileen Carol Wuornos, a highway prostitute who was executed for killing — seven men in the state of Florida in the 1980's. With Charlize Theron, — Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Lee Tergesen, Annie Corley, Pruitt Taylor — Vince.

Rated R for strong violence and sexual content, and for — pervasive language. 111 min. HHHI

Mystic River —

5 Golden Globe Nominations including Best Drama, Director, — Screenplay, Actor and Supporting Actor. Three childhood friends whose — relationship ended after a tragic accident are reunited 25 years later — by a murder investigation. Directed by Clint Eastwood. With Sean Penn, — Tim Robbins, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Bacon, Marcia Gay Harden, Laura — Linney.

Rated R for language and violence. 138 min.HHHH

The Passion of the Christ —

A vivid depiction of the last 12 hours of Jesus Christ's — life. He is betrayed by one of his own inner circle and crucified for — unsubstantiated charges of treason against Rome. In Latin and Aramaic, — with subtitles. Directed by Mel Gibson, with James Caviezel. R for sequences — of graphic violence. 127 min. HH

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed —

No dog puns needed here. No exclamations of "Jinkies!" — or "Zoinks!" or even the easiest (and most appropriate) "Ruh-roh!" Just — a few listless keystrokes and weary sigh of resignation that this is what — continues to pass for family entertainment in Hollywood. The world doesn't — need a second scoop of Scooby and the gang any more than it needed the — first, but here it is - and it is as it was. Neither film has managed — to recapture the trippy, laid-back vibe of the original cartoon. Both — films, especially this new one, seem more interested in distraction through — cacophony and pandemonium. The actors (Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle — Gellar, Linda Cardellini and Matthew Lillard) all look and sound sufficiently — like the mystery-solving kids from the cartoon - especially Lillard as — Shaggy. Astonishingly, the computer-generated Scooby still looks fake. —

PG for some scary action, rude humor and language. 91 — min. H

Secret Window —

A writer undergoes a divorce when he discovers his wife's — infidelity, and his ability to write suffers. At his house in the woods — he finds himself stalked by a psycho claiming that the writer stole his — story but changed the ending. Based on the Stephen King novella "Two Past — Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden." With Johnny Depp, John Turturro — and Ving Rhames.

Rated PG-13 for violence/terror, sexual content and language. — 97 min.HHH

Spartan —

Special ops officer Robert Scott and his prot?g? Curtis — are recruited to find the missing daughter of a high-ranking government — official. The mission comes to an abrupt end when the media reports the — girl's death, but Curtis believes the girl is in fact alive. If so, there's — a dangerous conspiracy at the highest levels. Written and directed by — David Mamet, with Val Kilmer, Derek Luke, William H. Macy and Johnny Messner.

Rated R for violence and language. 106 min.HHI

Starsky and Hutch

Based on the 1970s TV series, two San Francisco cops with — different styles prove to be an unbeatable combination when they are partnered — for the first time in a murder investigation. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, — Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Snoop-Dog, Amy Smart, Chris Penn, Fred Williamson.

Rated PG-13 for drug content, sexual situations, partial — nudity, language, some violence. 100 min.HHH

Taking Lives —

An FBI agent becomes involved with her key witness while — tracking a serial killer who assumes the identities and lives of those — he kills.

Rated R for pervasive strong violence including disturbing — images, language and sexuality. 103 min.