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An American approach to the Bard

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Head of Voice & Text — Scott Kaiser's newest book, "Mastering Shakespeare: An Acting Class in — Seven Scenes," was published recently by Allworth Press.

Mastering Shakespeare is the first book about acting Shakespeare — to emerge from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Kaiser has been with OSF 13 seasons and worked on more — than 70 productions. Most recently he has adapted William Shakespeare's — three Henry VI plays into two parts, Henry VI, Part One: Talbot & Joan — and Henry VI, Parts Two & Three: Henry & Margaret.

Part One recently opened at OSF's New Theatre and will — run through October 31, 2004. Parts Two & Three will open on the Elizabethan — Stage on June 19 and run through October 9, 2004. Kaiser and OSF Artistic — Director Libby Appel are co-directing the productions.

"Scott Kaiser knows more about Shakespearean text and — how an American actor can wrap his or her mouth, mind and heart around — it than anyone I ever met," Appel said. "This book is an invaluable guide — for the teacher and the actor in how to master the 'secret language' of — Shakespeare."

Mastering Shakespeare can be found in bookstores or can — be ordered from the publisher at 1-800-491-2808 or www.allworth.com