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13 Going on 30

One the eve of her 13th birthday, all Jenna wants is to — be pretty and popular. After a humiliating experience with the coolest — boy in school, Jenna makes a desperate wish for a new life and gets it. — But as a 13-year-old trapped inside a 30-year-old's body, she should have — been more careful about what she wished for. Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, — Kathy Baker.

PG-13 for some sexual content and brief drug references. — 98 min.

Barbarian Invasions —

In French with English subtitles

Academy Award winner Best Foreign Language Film.

A revisiting, some 15 years later, of the principal characters — of Arcand's "The Decline of the American Empire". Remy, now divorced and — in his fifties, is hospitalized with cancer. His son flies in to help — his mother, then moves heaven and earth to ease the ordeal awaiting Remy. — Around the bedside, the merry band of people who were the players in Remy's — life - relatives, friends and former mistresses - reunite, as we learn — more about Remy and those closest to him.

R for language, sexual dialogue and drug content/112m

Envy —

Comedy about the jealousy one man feels when his longtime — friend and neighbor becomes absurdly rich from selling an invention, a — deal he could have gotten in on but chose not to do. Directed by Barry — Levinson ("Bandits", "Wag the Dog", "Bugsy", "Rain Man") Jack Black, Ben — Stiller, Rachel Weiz, Christopher Walken.

PG-13 for language and sexual/crude humor. 99 min.

Home on the Range

Ordinarily, an animated movie about talking, singing cows, — which contains the tag line "Bust a moo," might be udderly (sorry, couldn't — help it) cringe-inducing. But "Home on the Range" is so darn cute, and — features such an impressive array of vocal talent, it's hard not to be — lassoed in. As Disney movies go, it's not extraordinary enough to be deemed — an instant classic; the story from the writing-directing duo of Will Finn — and John Sanford is weak and the pacing drags a bit in the middle. But — kids will enjoy the colorful characters and grown-ups will chuckle at — many of the jokes. Featuring the voices of Roseanne Barr, Judi Dench, — Jennifer Tilly, Randy Quaid and Steve Buscemi.

PG for brief mild rude humor. 76 min.HHI

In July —

In German and Turkish with English subtitles. Daniel, — a high school teacher in Hamburg, falls for a young woman and begins a — journey to Turkey to find her. On the way he joins up with another young — woman, Juli. Through Bavaria, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Turkey, — Daniel and Juli are separated and reunited a few times, the two of the — share incredibly sweet moments, and misfortune befalls Daniel.


Laws of Attraction —

A divorce attorney falls in love and impulsively marries — a fellow divorce attorney. They then decide to stay together in order — to protect their professional reputations. Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore. —

PG-13 for sexual content and language. 90 min.

Mean Girls —

An adolescent girl, accustomed to being on safari with — her zoologist parents, enrolls in a public school when her family relocates — to Illinois. She falls in love with the ex-boyfriend of the most popular — girl in school, and feels pressured to use the same mean-spirited tactics — as her schoolmates. Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Lacy Chabert, Rachel McAdams —

PG-13 for sexual content, language and teen partying. — 97 min.

Monsieur Ibrahim —

During the rapidly changing culture of the 1960's, a young — Jewish boy in Paris becomes friends with an elderly Muslim man who owns — a local grocery store. When the boy is abandoned by his father, the man — becomes a very influential adult figure in the young boy's life. Omar — Shariff, Piere Boulanger.

R. 95 min.

New York Minute

Sisters Jane and Roxy are adversaries who must go together — from their Long Island home to New York City. Overachiever Jane is due — to deliver a speech, and rock rebel Roxy hopes to get backstage at the — shooting of an underground music video. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

PG for mild sensuality and thematic elements. 86 min.

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion —

An award-winning feature-length documentary on Tibet made — over a period of ten years and nine journeys throughout Tibet, India and — Nepal. A sweeping and compelling look at the struggle of the Tibetan people — for freedom for more than five decades. Includes scenes of rarely-seen — rituals in remote monasteries, horse races with Khamba warriors, Himalayan — peaks still traveled by nomadic yak caravans, and a rare interview with — the Dalai Lama. Directed and Photographed by Tom Peosay; Written by Sue — Peosay and Victoria Mudd. Narrated by Martin Sheen, with voiceovers by — Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Ed Harris.

NR - Intense Thematic Material. 104min.

Touching the Void —

The documentary story based on a 1985 expedition conducted — by two British men who tried to climb a mountain in Peru with almost disastrous — results.

Not rated. 106 min. HHHI

Troy —

The passion of Paris, Prince of Troy, and Helen, Queen — of Sparta, ignites a war that will devastate a civilization. Directed — by Wolfgang Petersen ("Das Boot", "Perfect Storm") Brad Pitt, Orlando — Bloom, Eric Bana, Brian Cox, Saffron Burrows, Peter O'Toole, Julie Christie —

R for graphic violence and some sexuality, nudity. 165 — min.

Van Helsing

The legendary monster hunter, Van Helsing, travels to — Transylvania on order of a secret society to bring down Dracula, Frankenstein's — monster, the Wolf Man and others. Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale.

PG-13 for nonstop creature action violence and frightening — images, and sensuality.132 min.

What the

$! Do We Know?

Best Documentary Award Winner at the 2004 Ashland Independent — Film Festival. A woman finds herself in an Alice in Wonderland experience — when her uninspired life quite literally begins to unravel, revealing — the quantum field hidden behind what we consider to be our reality. A — mixture of documentary, animation and drama illustrates ideas woven together — by a Greek chorus of scientists, physicians, mystics and theologians. — NR-111 min.