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'The Matchmaker'

Southern Oregon University's Department of Theatre Arts — opens this year's dinner theater production, "The Matchmaker," which will — run through May.

Guest Director Michael Kevin brings his expertise from — the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with him to the creation of this production. — "The Matchmaker," written in 1939 by Thornton Wilder, later gave rise — to the popular musical, "Hello Dolly!"

Spurred on by advancing age, wealthy Yonkers merchant — Horace Vandergelder decides to find a wife. He hires marriage broker, — Dolly Levi, to help him in his quest. Little does he know, Dolly has other — ideas in mind - she wants the well-to-do widower for herself.

"There's nothing like a woman to bring out the fool in — a man," proclaims Vandergelder, "and I'm willing to risk being a little — foolish for a little adventure."

Horace begins his adventure by leaving his two overworked — clerks, Cornelius and Barnaby, to run the store without him for the first — time. Horace heads to New York City to pay a call on hat shop owner, Irene — Molloy, and meet Dolly at the elegant, but not too fancy, Harmonia Gardens — Restaurant. Cornelius and Barnaby see this as an opportunity to have a — bit of an adventure themselves. They close the store and set off for some — "living" in New York City. Inevitably, the paths of employer and employees — cross and hilarity ensues.

The Matchmaker cast features Maggie McClellan, SOU professor — of voice and movement, as the meddling Dolly in this comic farce. Adam — Cuppy will play Horace Vandergelder. The supporting cast includes Cody — Roberts as Cornelius Hackl and Alyson Marchi-Young as Irene Molloy.

Guest designer Troy Hemmerling, previously of the Oregon — Shakespeare Festival, is scenic designer with SOU Theatre Department Chair — Chris Sackett as lighting designer. Sound design is by SOU student Josh — McIntyre. Costume design is by SOU professor of costume design Deborah — Rosenberg.