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Teaching the art of digital

The new digital, electronic world can be overwhelming — for many as they first venture into it. Instruction manuals seem to be — written in a different language and the step-by-step processes have missing — steps. Southern Oregon University instructor David Vanderlip brings clarity — into the picture.

Vanderlip is a digital photography instructor and as well — as teaching at SOU, he teaches small business owners, professional photographers — and anyone else who wants to learn.

"I teach anybody and everybody," says Vanderlip. "Most — people are 40 to 90 years old, mostly the older retired person. I also — help studio photographers transition to digital photography."

The venture into teaching was a gradual transition. Vanderlip — owned Sterling Images Digital Lab and received numerous calls and walk-in — visits from people needing to find out what a button did on their digital — camera, how to use Photoshop or what scanner to buy. The calls became — so frequent that they began affecting his business.

"A light bulb went on for me," says Vanderlip. "Instead — of fighting it, I went with it. The need was growing and I couldn't keep — the store open and pursue the training aspect. I have always enjoyed helping — people and instructing. This seemed like the natural course of directions."

At that point Vanderlip closed down his business and became — a full time instructor opening the world of digital photography up to — anyone who wanted to learn.

As camera prices keep falling and the technology improves, — more people are turning to digital cameras and Vanderlip's business continues — to grow. Vanderlip travels to meet with people in their homes and offices. — He offers private individual training as well as training for small businesses — and corporations. Vanderlip also instructs at seminars and classes.

As well as instructing people on their digital cameras — and the other elements of Photoshop and scanners, Vanderlip writes books — on the subject.

Vanderlip's first book is a guide explaining how to use — Adobe Photoshop Element. That book is sold nationally as well as internationally. — Vanderlip has two more books due out in about six weeks. One of the books — is a step-by-step how-to guide, and the other is a how-to book on digital — cameras. Vanderlip plans on subsequent books on the subjects in the future — as well.

For Vanderlip, one of the rewards is watching people's — excitement as they successfully learn to operate their digital cameras. —

"I get to experience the joy people have as they watch — a picture that they took being printed after they did all the work with — the scanner and Photoshop," he said.