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Havurah hosts auction with pieces by world-famous artists

The Havurah Synagogue invites the public to an auction — of the original fine art paintings and prints of world renowned masters — such as Picasso, Peter Max, Dali, Arkady, Bellet, Chagall, Goya, Miro, — Rembrandt, Benfield, Erte, Gigi and many more.

The auction will also include authentic collectibles such — as Disney and Warner Bros. animation art and sports collectibles from — Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson, and others.

The Park West gallery Web site, www.parkwestgallery.com, — provides more specific information on the integrity and authenticity of — every item that will be featured at the auction. The auction is completely — catalogued and fully documented at museum and international auction standards. — Every work comes with a registered certificate of authenticity.

The Havurah board of directors decided to bring this event — to southern Oregon for reasons beyond the fundraising function of a benefit — auction "... simply as a cultural event and major art exhibit the evening — will stand on its own," Havurah Board President Anne Pollock said. "It's — such a great privilege to bring a cultural event of this magnitude to — our Valley for the first time."

Robert Fergeson, originally from Jamaica, flew to Southern — Oregon in March to meet with the auction committee and to plan for the — spectacular layout of the 300 pieces of art that will be displayed at — the Ashland Springs Hotel for the June — event.

"It is common knowledge that the arts are very much a — part of the culture in southern Oregon, so coming to your valley is very — exciting. Adding a Park West art auction is certain to reinforce this — community's involvement in the arts, and establish them still yet as a — leading force worth emulating," Fergeson told Rabbi David.

The Auction is at 7 p.m., Saturday, June 3, at the Ashland — Springs Hotel A preview with a reception at 5:30 p.m. The cost is $18 — per person, $15 in advance, which includes hors d'oeuvres, a glass of — wine, and a 96-page art catalogue containing the biographies of all the — artists whose works will be for sale. For reservations call the Havurah — at 488-7716.