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Kids go crazy at the circus

The dog days of summer and kids are feeling at loose ends. — But stop and tell them there's a circus coming to town and you'll quickly — get their undivided attention. A circus is magical, filled with color, — exaggeration, spectacle, performers in the center ring, acrobats on the — high wire, and clowns. Lots of clowns.

This year Science Works Hands-On Museum is broadening — its annual Science Circus Festival by hosting an actual big top circus — - Circus Chimera - which will feature amazing feats by big top performers.

Last year Science Works featured a Science Circus Festival — in which the physics behind various circus acts, such as juggling, balancing, — acrobatics and more were explored. Concepts such as Laws of Motion and — Gravity were dramatically illustrated by circus feats.

This year ScienceWorks was planning a similar festival — when it decided to bring Circus Chimera and its big top, one of the largest — circus tents in the world, to the Science Works grounds on August 24, — 25 and 26 and the Medford Armory on August 27, 28, and 29.

Circus Chimera's show, "Worlds of Wonder" (WOW), celebrates — the magic of the circus with a blend of extraordinary human feats with — drama and international flair. Aerial artists will swing above the center — ring, acrobats will somersault and twirl, and jugglers will throw balls — into the air while dancing the Flamenco.

"Worlds of Wonder" was designed as family entertainment — and is animal free. The one large ring is intimate and children of all — ages are able to see the performers up close and personal as they present — their acts. Audiences are captivated by the music and spectacular costumes, — all coming together to offer a complete circus experiences.

The two hour performance features an ongoing story featuring — the antics of Luis Fernandez Super Clown (Argentina's premier clown) and — his arch rival, Guennadi Tregoub from Moscow State Circus. There will — be a few acts featured in the United States for the first time including — Gana, the amazing Mongolian Contortionist, Olga, a Russian quick change — artist, and the X-Treme Flyers on the giant Russian swing.

Circus Chimera has been characterized as being a cross — between Circus du Soleil and Ringling Brothers, with colorful theater — and daredevil acts. Christy Wallace, Executive Director of Science Works, — commented that "Circus Chimera comes highly recommended by other museums — around the country."

While the circus is in town, the Science Circus Festival — at ScienceWorks will be holding various activities in the Discovery Lab — encouraging visitors to explore balance and Laws of Motion through balance — beams, hula hoops and mini-juggling workshops. There will also be performances — by world-renowned science juggler Rhys Thomas who will be performing at — ScienceWorks on August 28 and 29, with shows on Saturday at 11 a.m., and — — and — p.m. and Sunday at — and — p.m. Thomas combines world-class skill — with amazing science - exploring the science behind circus acts - to create — an unforgettable learning experience. This year Thomas will present his — new show, "Gollyology." Thomas has served as an Artist-in Residence at — the Smithsonian Institution and has performed in science museums and juggling — festivals in three continents. Thomas' performances are free with museum — admission.

Wallace commented that proceeds from the Science Circus — Festival will benefit ScienceWorks educational programs which include — field trip programs that have served over 10,000 school children to date. — Our education programs serve children all over Southern Oregon and Northern — California."

Tickets for Circus Chimera can be purchased ahead of time — at a discount of $4 off the box office price. General admission seats — are available at $10, reserved seats $13 and $16 for ring side box seats. — Pre-show tickets can be purchased ScienceWorks, Bug-A-Boo's, Small Change — Children's Store in Ashland and Bad Ass Coffee and Grocery Outlet in Medford. — Discounted tickets are also available at he ScienceWorks website at www.scienceworksmuseum.org. — For further information on events and directions call 541-482-6767.