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Scenes at School

Students and teachers at Ashland High School will soon — return to campus for another go around of classes and the Quad. This year, — however, will be different. Beginning Sept. 1, The library will become — an art museum displaying outdoor adventure photos by Ashland resident — Sean Bagshaw.

New AHS librarian Bill Street has teamed up with Bagshaw — to exhibit dozens of his photos throughout the month of September.

Street got the idea for the exhibition during his days — as a librarian at Crater High School where there was a constant display — of art in the library. Now that he is at AHS, he would like to start of — tradition of showing works of art in the library here.

"A school library is a great place to have an exhibit. — It has the attention of the students and teachers. It is like a brand — new gallery in Ashland," he said.

Bagshaw specializes in outdoor and adventure photography. — He began taking pictures seriously in 1998 during a trek through Denali — National Park in Alaska.

He has traveled to and photographed much of the world, — including western Tibet and Nepal. He has also spent time in South America, — Europe, and Asia. Even with such worldly travels, many of his photographs — are of the mountains and creeks of Southern Oregon.

He is also a teacher at Ashland Middle School, but is — taking a sabbatical this year to focus on marketing his photography.

"I want to see what I can do with it," he said. " I want — to see if I can develop a niche for my work."

Bagshaw feels that photography can capture a feeling that — extends beyond just a picture of his surroundings. According to his Web — site, the images "could do more than simply illustrate a location or an — event. With the right combination of skill and vision, photography could — also communicate the emotion, exhilaration and connection he felt for — the places he visited."

Street and Bagshaw were acquaintances when Street was — the librarian at AMS. Now, they are able to help each other with their — new positions and careers.

"I think Bill wanted to separate himself from all the — other librarians the high school has had. At the same time, I was trying — to find a place to display my work. It is a cool and energetic place and — I think it will work out very well," Bagshaw said.

Street hopes the exhibit encourages students to show their — own work in public places. He is beginning a program this year in which — photography students can display their photographs on the screen savers — and desktops of library computers.

He also plans on continuing art exhibits in the library. — After Bagshaw, Street will display 35 mm photography by Shianna Walker. —

"We want to continue doing this, and I think it will be — great for the students to see the art," he said.

For more information about Bagshaw's photography go to — www.outdoorexposurephotos.com.