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Recommended reading

Book reviews are written by the booksellers at local — independent bookstores.

Bookwagon New and

Used — Books1652 Ashland Street

A Walk in the Woods

by Bill Bryson

When Bill Bryson decided to walk the Appalachian Trail, — he not only had a great adventure, he wrote one of the funniest travel — memoirs in recent history. Already a modern classic, this is the kind — of book where you will find yourself laughing out loud in mid-sentence. — Paperback - $5.60

Shakespeare & Co. Books and Antiques154 E. Main St.. —

"Charlotte's Web,"

by E. B. White

In this classic work, E.B. White's profound respect for — the English language and his farmer's regard for all living forms come — together in the tale of the friendship between Wilbur a pig and Charlotte — the wise spider, who formulates a plan to save his life. Published in — 1952 to great critical acclaim, "Charlotte's Web" immediately attained — classic status as a story of the cycle of life and death. Garth William's — drawings personified the endearing personalities which are an integral — component of the beauty of the book. Eudora Welty wrote in the New York — Times that this book "is just perfect, and just magical in the way it — is done." With more than six million copies sold in more than 18 languages, — it appears that children and adults are in perfect agreement.

"Sarah, Plain and Tall," by Patricia MacLachlan

This wonderful book includes a recipe for an American — family pie which includes one mail order bride from Maine, one widowed — father, and two motherless children. The only utensil required is one — prairie home. Mix all ingredients with a large quantity of love and a — pinch of homesickness for the Atlantic Ocean, bake it in a prairie-style — oven until firm and serve one chapter each evening until done. The author — stated in her Newberry acceptance speech that she "wished to write my — mother's story with spaces, like the prairie, with silences that could — say what words could not."

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,"

by Betty Smith

Francie grows up in the teeming tenement neighborhood — of Williamsburg, Brooklyn where she is nurtured by the loving gallantries — of her father, a singing waiter who drinks too much, and the rigorous — austerities practiced by her brave mother, a janitress who reads to her — children each night from the complete plays of Shakespeare and the "Protestant — Bible."

Bloomsbury Booksellers290 East Main Street —

Blood of Victory

by Alan Furst

This would be a great first Furst experience! It has his — trademark suspense and intelligence with an accessible plot that compels — but doesn't frustrate.

Then go back and read the rest. Hint: The longer it is, — the more complex. - Sandra. Paper $12.95

Daughter of Time

by Josephine Tey

You don't have to have read or seen Shakespeare's Richard — III to find this an entertaining and intriguing way to get a lot of information — about that "son of York". When Tey published her novel over fifty years — ago, it caused quite a flurry of revisionist theories about the "true" — character of Richard III. - Sheila. Paper $12