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Fox is in the Old Barn

Riding a hot streak, a new CD and a critical acclaim from — the likes of DownBeart's 2003 Critics Poll, Mimi Fox brings her guitar — wizardry to Ashland as she plays the Siskiyou Institute Concert Series — at the Siskiyou Barn Friday at 8 p.m.

For the show at The Barn, Fox has something special planned.

"I am coming with a bass player, Cindy Browne, who I have — played with many times," she said. "She has played with Mel Torme and — Wake The Dead and Due West. She is a fine jazz player and a good friend."

Fox is touring behind her latest CD on the Favored Nations — label (guitar virtuoso Steve Vai's label) called, "She's The Woman."

"It has been an exciting process," Fox said. "When I signed — with Favored Nations, Steve and I met and we really hit it off. We had — a lot of fun talking. Steve told me he really respected me as an artist, — trusted me and asked what my budget was. He wrote me a check and said, — 'have a great recording.'

"It was a whole different process for me. I was sick of — the record companies with their theme ideas. I wanted to do something — that gave me more freedom as an artist."

The CD has several solo pieces but also

includes — five of Fox's original pieces and some


"Being with Steve's label gives me more artistic freedom — to do what I do best," she said. "I can't tell you how many times I have — been approached over the years to do the smooth jazz thing. It just seemed — to be that no matter how much I watered my stuff down, it still had too — much kick and passion so it wasn't what they wanted. I didn't feel I could — water down my music even though I could have really used the money."

Fox, like many artists of her ilk, are very happy with — their lives.

"If I had wanted a Mercedes and that lifestyle, I could — have done it. I don't begrudge those that do," she said. "It just doesn't — interest me. As long as I have a place to hang my hat, can do a little — gardening when I am home and can play music, I am really happy."

Her last recording, Standards (Origin Records), was a — solo guitar tour de force and received rave reviews. "She's The Woman" — shows a natural progression in Fox's life and career.

"There were several different ways I could have gone. — I could have done another solo album and I am sure I will some day," she — said. "This album has two solo pieces that show my continued growth. But — it also has several of my own compositions and Steve really loved some — of my writing and encouraged me to go on and record them."

Fox is not surprised that Vai, a rock guitar legend, is — so tuned in to her music.

"Guitar players are an interesting breed," she said. "I — know from my audiences, both locally and around the world, that many of — the young players that make up my audiences are rock players who relate — to the fact that I am trying to express something fresh. I think the young — teenage boys like my playing because I play fast. They have no clue as — to what I am doing but they see I ma fast and have a lot of energy."

The Siskiyou Institute Fall Concert & Workshop series — begins with Fox's appearance. To learn more about Mimi Fox, you can visit — her website at www.mimifoxjazzguitar


The concert will be followed by a workshop on Saturday, — at 11 a.m. at the Old Siskiyou Barn. The workshop is open to students — and teachers as well as the general public.

For reservations and more information on the complete — series, please call 541-488-3869 or visit the website at www.siskiyouinstitute.com — or e-mail us at info@siskiyouinstitute.com

The Old Siskiyou Barn fall concert and workshop series — schedule includes:

— Friday, Oct. 22, 8 p.m. piano recital with Kevin Orr. — Saturday, Oct. 23, 11 a.m. piano workshop and masterclass with professor — Orr

— Friday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. Patti McCoy Trio Concert. Saturday, — Nov. 6, 11 a.m. jazz workshop with Patti McCoy.

The Siskiyou Institute has just announced a special benefit — event concert for the Siskiyou Institute. The cost is $20 with your donation — tax deductible.

— The concert is Saturday, Oct. 9 at 7:30 p.m. featuring — the John Lennon 64th Birthday Celebration with Dave Marston & The Nowhere — Men performing, "The Essence of Lennon - A Tribute to the Life & Music — of John Lennon."

The program features some of John Lennon's most popular — songs such as "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Julia," "Twist and Shout" — and "Imagine" along with some of his lesser known works, like "Working — Class Hero," "Mother" and "God."

"The Essence of Lennon" is an entertaining and thought — provoking look at the life and music of John Lennon, a great artist as — well as a brilliant philosopher, whose ideas and vision are as inspiring — today as they were more than 20 years ago.