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Bad Film Society unearths perfect 50s sci-fi horror film

The next Bad Film Society event on Sunday at 6 p.m. features, — "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra."

This '50s era sci-fi horror parody was actually just made — last year. It Is a brilliantly detailed ode and homage to the long forgotten — style of bad films we love so much.

It lovingly captures the magic of that whole kooky pre-digital — special effects and hokey costumed penny-a-prop look. There's nothing — missed from the clich?d bohemian love dance by a sultry beatnik babe, — to the dialog that's perfectly redundantly hysterical, to the man in a — cheesy three eyed monster suit dragging the American-ad personification — of housewife - who has fainted (natch) - through the woods. Plus space — ships, stranded aliens and, of course, a creepy skeleton! This is the — best intentionally bad film ever.

Also up is the ninth chapter of the 1936 serial, "Undersea — Kingdom" starring Crash Corrigan and Lon Chaney, Jr. featuring robots, — spiked tanks and ray guns in the Lost City of Atlantis.

The event takes place downstairs at the Ashland Elks. — There will be a deliciously grotesque potluck dinner followed by delightfully — preposterous cinema. Bring your ludicrous old videos to give away as door — prizes!