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Lotus gets basic with 'Nomad'

A new dawn is approaching for Philadelphian five-piece — Lotus. The new Lotus CD, "Nomad," was released Sept.21 (Harmonized Records) — marking the first time the public will hear Lotus in a studio setting. —

"Recording 'Nomad' we reinterpreted our compositions, — often dramatically changing them from how we perform them live," said — Jesse Miller (bass). "For a few tracks we broke down every section to — its basic elements and rebuilt from the ground up."

The songs maintain the pulse that fans across the country — are familiar with. Driving house and trance beats are coupled with moments — of serenity that provide the listener with the chance to dance followed — by aurally filling waves of relaxation.

As guitarist Luke Miller explains, "We wanted to create — an album that could compliment most any listening situation, be it a dance — party, headphones and cup of tea, or road trip."

The title of the album speaks to the goal.

"The title, "Nomad," refers to several things. We are — on the road a lot in order to play music. On another level the album itself — mimics the various stages of a sojourn, from excited preparations, to — the catharsis of coming home," Miller said. "And on a smaller level each — song is a microcosmic trip traversing through its own environment. All — of this simply verifies what an increasing number of fans have come to — realize: This band is creating the future of music."

Lotus' music is heavily tempered by electronic styles — such as house and drum and bass, but inside the sonic layers seep heavy — doses of funk, jazz, and world music. Their high-energy live shows feature — tightly composed material balanced with stretched out improvisation. The — sounds shift from spiritual and meditative, to jubilant and energetic, — from dark dance floor burners, to spaced-out waves of ambiance. On the — verge of releasing their first studio recording, Lotus members hope to — open more and more minds throughout the world. The band is following up — on a summer of festivals & their first cross- country tour this past spring — that included sell-outs and packed houses in San Francisco, Calif.; Santa — Cruz, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Boulder, Colo.; Milwaukee; Chicago; Richmond, — Va. and others.