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Documentary based on Joel Bakan's book "The Corporation: — The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power". A timely critical inquiry — that examines the very nature of the corporation - its inner workings, — curious history, controversial impacts and possible futures. Audience — Award for Best Documentary Feature at Sundance.


Friday Night Lights —

Based on the best seller, the story focuses on the small — town of Odessa, Texas, their obsession with high school football and the — pressure to win. Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black, Derek Luke

PG-13 for thematic issues, sexual content, language, some — teen drinking and rough sports action, 118 min.

Garden State —

Andrew returns to his hometown for the funeral of his — clinically depressed mother, a journey that reconnects him with some of — his past friends. Because the trip coincides with his decision to stop — taking his powerful anti-depressants, he also begins to reconnect with — himself, rekindling emotional attachments and confronting his father, — a psychologist.

Written and Directed by Zach Braff

Zach Braff, Natalie Portman, Ian Holm, Peter Sarsgaard

R for language, drug use and a scene of sexuality, 109 — min.

Ladder 49 —

A firefighter trapped in the worst blaze of his career — awaits rescue. While his life hangs in the balance, family, dignity and — courage come into focus.

Juaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Morris Chestnut, Robert — Patrick

PG-13 for intense fire and rescue situations, and for — language, 115 min.

Raise Your Voice —

A small town girl with a big voice defies her father's — wishes and secretly heads off to spend a summer at a Los Angeles performing — arts academy. There she finds herself in a highly competitive program — in an intimidating new city. Hilary Duff, Jason Ritter, John Corbett, — Rebecca De Mornay, David Keith, Rita Wilson

PG for thematic elements and language, 107 min.

Taxi —

Belle is New York's fastest cabbie. An over-eager cop — puts her skills and her souped-up car to use in pursuing a gang of bank — robbers. Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallow

PG-13 for language, sensuality and brief violence, 97 — min.

Shark Tale —

Oscar, a fast-talking little fish who dreams big, is showered — with fame and fortune when a great white lie turns him into a hero. But — when his lie threatens to make him the Catch of the Day, he must try to — tip the scales back in his favor again. Animated.

Voice talents of Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellwegger, — Martin Scorcese, Robert DeNiro, Jack Black, Peter Falk

PG for some mild language and crude humor, 91 min.

Shaun of the Dead —

A man decides to turn his somewhat lacking life around — by winning back his girlfriend, reconciling with his mother, and dealing — with an entire community that has returned from the dead to eat the living.

Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost, Lucy Davis

R for zombie violence/gore and language. 99min.

Shall We Dance —

A businessman discovers a new passion for dancing, and — for a beautiful dance instructor. His passion for dancing revitalizes — the young woman, and her instruction leads him to revitalize his marriage.

Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez

PG-13 for some sexual references and brief language, 100 — min.

Silver City —

The discovery of a corpse threatens to unravel a bumbling — politician's campaign for governor of Colorado. Political comedy/drama — touches on greedy developers, lobbyists, brutal moguls, apathetic journalists, — exploited immigrants and Machiavellian campaign managers.

Directed by John Sayles

Chris Cooper, Danny Huston, Mary Kay Place, Kris Kristofferson, — Maria Bello, Daryl Hannah, Richard Dreyfuss

R for language, 129 min.

Mean Creek —

Set in a small Oregon town, a ragtag group of kids set — out on a boat trip meant to provide payback for a bully amongst their — group. But even as some of them begin having second thoughts about the — mean prank they're about to pull, events get out of hand. Beautifully — filmed in Oregon and Washington, this Sundance favorite garnered good — reviews for the filmmaker's sincere handling of the coming-of-age theme.

Written and Directed by Jacob Aaron Estes (directorial — debut)

Rory Culkin, Scott Hechlowicz, Trevor Morgan, Ryan Kelly, — Josh Peck, Carley Shroeder

R for language, sexual references, teen drug and alcohol — use, 87min.

Team America: World Police —

An international police force learns that a power hungry — dictator is brokering weapons of mass destruction to terrorists, so the — heroes (including a rising Broadway star) embark on a harrowing mission — to save the world. Trey parker and Matt Stone ("South Park") tackle current — events head on with an all-marionette cast.

Directed by Trey Parker; Written by Trey Parker and Matt — Stone; Voice talents of Trey Parker, Matt Stone

R for graphic, crude and sexual humor, violent images — & strong language; all involving puppets. 105 min.