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The truth is slippery in ?'Rashomon'

Ashland High School Theatre will present the North American — Premiere of Rashomon by Ivor Benjamin; a drama based on the Japanese stories — by Ryonosuke Akutagawa. This murder mystery will be presented at 7:30 — p.m. Jan. 13-15 with a preview on Wednesday, Jan. 12 and a matinee at — 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, at the school's Mountain Avenue Theatre. Katherine — Gosnell of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival will direct a cast of 13 and — a crew of 22.

The play poses the question: Whose truth can be trusted? — A murder trial unfolds. Witnesses come forward. The bandit, accused of — the crime, boastfully accepts his part in it. But each witness tells an — entirely different rendition of the story. As the trial plays out, the — tale is told from three different perspectives, forever casting doubts — about one's perception of reality, "truth" and the meaning of life.

"Rashomon" is based on the stories "The Rashomon Gate" — and "In a Grove" by the Japanese short story writer Ryonosuke Akutagawa — (1892-1927). The Akira Kurosawa movie produced in 1950 created a story — within a story using these two separate tales. Fay and Michael Kanin developed — the film into a stage play which opened in 1959. In his new play, Ivor — Benjamin crafted a drama to be told by a group of players gathered to — tell fateful tales at the Rashomon Gate. The effect is both thought-provoking — and theatrical.

The cast includes Thomas Witt as Tajomaru, Ari SuSu-Mago — as Masago, Brady Mildbrandt as Takehiko, Josh Houghton as the Priest, — Sabrina Podsobinski as the Wigmaker, Erin Terrall the Servant, Kira Herzklotz-Yasutake — as the Judge, Bobby Alter as Militiaman, Danielle Greear the Mother, Mig — Windows the Medium, Rachel Wandersheid the Woodcutter, Sarah Thompson — and Madeline Jans-Neuberger as Chorus I and II. Jane Hickinbotham is the — Technical Director. The stage manager is Ryan Gregory. He is assisted — by Grag Sakradse and Margaret Dalgarno. Rick Anderson is set designer, — Todd Barton provides soundscape, Tanya Rist is lighting designer and Eyan — Canini is costume designer. Christopher DuVal and Jack Buckley work as — co-fight directors. Playwright Ivor Benjamin, who resides in Great Britain, — will attend the North American premiere of his play in Ashland.