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Irish tales will enliven the Ashland Public Library

Elementary-aged children, their parents and their care — givers will be treated to St. Patrick's Day stories, told by storyteller — Ruth Halpern, at the Ashland Children's Library Tuesday. This will be — the third storytelling performance in the Library's year-long Third Tuesday — at the Library series.

Halpern describes herself as having lived a "lifetime — of silliness." In her return visit to the Children's Library, Halpern — will tell stories about leprechauns, pots of gold, funny giants or Irish — pipers; and like a good Irish folktale, she endeavors to surprise and — enchant her young audience.

Acclaimed by the San Francisco Chronicle as "gleeful and — inspiring," the Los Angeles Times also sings her praises, describing her — as a "master storyteller." The Parents' Choice Foundation, when presenting — Halpern with their distinguished Gold Award, said, "With clarity, eloquent — expression and respect for young listeners, Halpern spins tales into storytelling — gold." And the School Library Journal wrote of Halpern: "The smooth voiced — storyteller starts with a conversation and promises her young audience — that her stories will take them places they never dreamed of but always — wanted to go."

"For children who don't like to read or write, a well-told — story can unlock the magic in books," Halpern said. "That is especially — important today because television has taken away the ability to create — images in your head."

Halpern's level of commitment to children and storytelling — has been honed over many years, dating back to her college major which — focused on mythology and folklore. Her respect for children stems from — her desire to support and develop communication skills among youngsters, — for whom she feels great compassion.

Third Tuesday at the Library is a free event geared to — children ages 5-12, although older children will also enjoy Halpern's — performance.

The program begins with after-school snacks served from — 3:15-3:30 p.m. Halpern's performance begins at 3:45 p.m. and will last — approximately one hour. For information, call the Ashland Children's Library — at 774-6995.