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Singing for joy and healing with sound

Laura Derocher, performer, sound healer, songwriter, and — motivational singer/recording artist uses her Broadway quality voice to — heal and inspire.

Her debut CD, the inspirational, "Song of My Own" has — received high accolades, including from a producer and composer for Miles — Davis, Robert Irving lll who calls her "a jewel among songwriters, vocalists — and human beings."

"I use my voice to model and encourage others to do what — they're meant to do'to follow their bliss," says Derocher.

She moved to Ashland about a year ago ("I adore it; I — love the weather, the people, the scenery, the quietness.") and has presented — at several local conferences, including World Wellness Weekend; workshops; — as well as Unity Church.

Most recently Derocher, with her life partner David Gabriel, — conceived and starred in Camelot Theatre's "It Takes Two." They'll star — this summer in Camelot's "Children of Eden."

Throughout her childhood, Derocher excelled in music. — "The performing arts were her passion," her story reads. "So, when it — came time to choose a college major, of course Laura chose...chemical — engineering ... Ugh."

She had heeded the "external guidance" that said a straight-A — student should study something with a future. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, — hating herself and her life, she says.

Writing technical manuals for administering Fortune 500 — companies' 401(k) plans, she vowed to "return to her bliss" and began — performing in musical theatre, landing such roles as Maria in "Sound of — Music" and "Eliza in My Fair Lady."

Yet, she still had what she calls her "inner Great Work" — to do before she was really ready to step into her "outer Great Work." —

Through studying metaphysics; completing a master's degree — in organization development, where she studied environmental sustainability — and humane work design; singing professionally and a few other life-changing — events; she left her old work and began her inner work: facing murky childhood — issues, low self-esteem, depression, distractions from her path, addictions — and other fun stuff.

"It's rare that we step into our outer Great Work without — first having done some inner Great Work," says Derocher.

After "clearing the channel, healing herself, and learning — who she was," Derocher was ready to begin the joyful and rewarding work — of using her voice to motivate and heal.

"After performing in musical theatre for several years, — I got this calling in the late 90s to use the music and my voice in a — way that helps people live authentic lives."

As a certified sound healer, Derocher guides individuals — in the use of sound - particularly toning with the human voice - to help — restore physical and emotional well-being. She also employs sound healing — instruments including crystal bowls, tuning forks and Peruvian whistling — vessels.

"When a violin in an orchestra can get out of tune, sound — can help you tune up the areas that need healing," she says. "Sound healing — is a form of vibrational medicine similar to Reiki based on the fact that — we are bundles of electrical energy."

In the second of four workshops at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical — Library (6:30 to 9:30 p.m. March 31), Derocher will share her Peruvian — whistling bottles, rather rare replicas of the artifact.

"The Peruvian whistles are believed to alter conscious?They — provide a psychoacoustic effect that can lead to healing and shifting — consciousness."

While Derocher has become increasingly dedicated to her — healing work, she says she still enjoys the stage: "I love to tell stories — that way and I love to sing."

Derocher's personal and frank story of how she found her — true calling (it wasn't an easy path) can be read at www.lauraderocher.com — where you'll also find her calendar.