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Hello 2006

December 29, 2005

Mambo Rico adds Salsa spice to New Year&

s Eve bash ...

New Year&

s Eve the historical armory in Ashland will be pumping with the latest in hot music and dance. The Ashland-based salsa dance band Mambo Rico will host music and dance enthusiasts of all ages at the New Year&

s Eve Fancy Dress Salsa Ball at the armory on Saturday with live salsa dance music offered well into the early hours of 2006.


t know how to Salsa yet? No fear, as the Salsa dance lesson will start at 9 p.m.

Mambo Rico&

s fan base has been growing to the point where the Armory, with its large capacity and dance floor, is one of only a few local venues large enough for this event, so that even with a large crowd, everyone will have room to kick up their heels.

In February of 2001, several local Ashland musicians who were aficionados and students of Cuban music styles started getting together to study and play the music they loved. This project came to fruition as Mambo Rico, Ashland&

s own salsa dance band.

The music the group performs is built upon a foundation of piano, bass and percussion. Strong vocals and horns are vital elements also. Mambo Rico&

s repertoire is built on the syncopated rhythms typified in Cuban Son. In this style of music, every instrument and voice is considered first to be a percussion instrument &

each an integral part of the rhythmic fabric of the piece.

From its inception, Mambo Rico has been a dance band. Its repertoire is chosen from the dancers&

perspective and audience members are compelled to get up on their feet &

there is simply no other choice! The reason for the very existence of Mambo Rico is to provide dance music for the enjoyment of salsa dance enthusiasts.

Dance is incorporated into the stage show, with an introductory salsa dance lesson provided as a warm-up to the show.

For this special New Year&

s event, it is requested that everyone wear their finest dresses, suits, jackets and ties.

Tickets are $15 general admission at the door. Refreshments provided by the Vinyl Club.

For more information, check the Mambo Rico Web site: .