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Shaktari Belew back from hiatus with Headwaters show

For Ashland artist Shaktari Belew, it&

s all a matter of perspective, from her art to her life philosophy. After a long hiatus from painting spent writing a book, Belew is exhibiting her art and book in her show, &

Deep Perception&

at Headwaters through March.

Her mixed media art is a visual representation of the underlying theme of her recently published book, &

Honoring All Life: A Practical Guide to Exploring a New Reality.&


Shift your perception; shift your world. It&

s that simple,&

says Belew. &

The show is about the perceptive filters we create through our beliefs, concepts and experience &

133; so it will be interactive, inviting others to look at the beliefs that either expand or limit their realities &

133; Our focus of intention and attention determines our sense of reality.&


Honoring All Life&

is a comprehensive reference guide offering creative solutions to humanity&

s most pressing environmental, cultural, and political issues. It took three years to write, working day and night, says Belew. The book addresses two major topics: How we perceive and the choices we make as a result of our highly personal perception.&

— — — "Conflict"

Belew has lived in Ashland for 20 years, where she has worked as an artist and teacher. She has been providing private art lessons in portraiture to adults and children for several years, and was the director of Hali, an alternative school &

educating the whole person in a whole world,&

that she plans to reopen once funding is found.

Her commissioned portraits are of a highly creative nature. Rather than paint a photographic image of a person, she brings out the essence of the person while portraying the physical likeness. It&

s the approach she teaches in her depth and perception workshops, &

an approach of empathic or seeing form the heart,&

she explains.



145;Honoring All Life&

begins by examining how we perceive and the perceptual filters we each create that literally determine our sense of reality. The first section explores some of the most profound reality-shifting perceptual filters: &

Systems Theory,&


Quantum Physics,&


Scarcity vs. Abundance,&


Partnership Theory,&


Victim versus Visionary,&


says Belew.


The second section begins by asking, &

145;Who am I willing to be?&

When I answered that, I realized I wanted to live in a way that honored all life &

133; I realized that to honor all life I had to first honor me. That meant living in a way that brought me profound inner joy.&

— — ARTIST SKETCH — — Shaktari Belew — Hails From: Ashland — Age: 52 — Niche: Fine artist, author, teacher. — Training: Studied architectural history in Italy, earned bachelor&

s — degree in psychology, attended art classes at Rogue Community College. — Claim to Fame: &

Fame is more about feeling great about me. Learning — to love and appreciate myself, others and everything.&

— Inspiration: &

When I allow myself to be still, it&

s the — exquisite perfection and magnificence of whatever my gaze is falling upon.&

Her work as an artist is one way that Belew finds inner joy.

While her degree is in psychology, Belew says, &


ve always been an artist. I always knew I was an artist.&

As early as second grade, she had the desire to take art classes on weekends where she could learn skills that weren&

t taught in the primary grades. While her parents encouraged her gift, Belew like many artists was encouraged to pursue a career of a more practical nature.


I didn&

t listen to that inner voice that always wants to express through art, but instead I allowed other&

s people&

s visions to guide me until I realized that I didn&

t want to live my life to please others &


Belew doesn&

t mourn that time though. She says she can see a purpose in her college studies and in her work as a system analyst. &

I can see the fullness of it all now. It&

s all used. It&

s provided the ability to look at the broad perspective &


Deep Perceptions can be explored this month at Headwaters, 84 Fourth St.

Shaktari Belew&

s book and art are also available through her Web site www.honoringalllife.com.