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By Richard Moeschl

There will be a showing of the film, &

Keep Not Silent,&

winner of the Israeli Academy Award for Best Documentary 2004, at 2 and 8 p.m. Friday at Southern Oregon University&

s Britt Ballroom in Britt Hall. A question-and-answer session will follow each screening with the filmmaker, Ilil Alexander. Admission is $5.


s debut film documents the clandestine struggle of three lesbian women fighting for their right to love within their Orthodox communities in Jerusalem. All three women are committed to both their faith and their sexual orientation. All three are members of a secret support group called the &


Each woman forges ahead bravely, trying to convince herself, her family and her spiritual leaders to accept her lesbianism as non-reversible. Miriam-Ester fights her aversion to a man&

s touch for the sake of her family and 10 children. Ruth is a mother of six. Astonishingly, her husband permits her to see her female lover twice a week. Yudith, the unmarried daughter of a rabbi, declares her sexuality openly as she believes &

lies are the worst sin on earth.&

In portraying a truly human conflict, the film raises timeless concerns about responsibility and freedom of choice. How can you struggle for your true self without destroying what you value most? How can you find your place while being so different? How can you modify a conservative yet very fulfilling society rather than abandon it?


Keep Not Silent&

has been featured at a number of international film festivals and has garnered eight international awards: Best First Feature Documentary, Aviv International Documentary Film Festival; Best Documentary, Copenhagen International Gay and Lesbian Festival; Audience Award, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival; Audience Award, Berlin and Potsdam Jewish Film Festival; Best Film, International Women&

s Film Festival Israel; Freedom Award, Outfest LA Gay and Lesbian Film Festival; and First Award, The Open House, Jerusalem.

The Ashland showing of the film is sponsored by Abdil-Ellis LAMBDA Community Center, Queer Resource Center, Southern Oregon University&

s Department of Sociology, Advocates for Israel, Temple Emek Shalom and Havurah Shir Hadash.

The sponsors will host two fundraising events. The first will be a wine and cheese reception with the filmmaker and rabbis Marc Sirinsky and David Zaslow at 4:15 p.m. Friday. The suggested donation for the event is $36.

There will be a continental breakfast reception with the filmmaker and Rabbi Zaslow at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 11. The suggested donation for this event is $25.

Call 301-9999 for locations and more information.