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Showing at the Historic Ashland Armory

Hollywood Dreams

Rough Cut Screening, Saturday, 6:00 PM

Rough Cut Film - approx. 70-90 minutes



Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

From the film festival: This rare event will be the first time an audience has seen footage from the soon to be released Hollywood Dreams. After a screening of a &

rough cut&

screening of the film, 2006 aiff Artistic Achievement Award recipient Henry Jaglom and the film&

s star Tanna Frederick will welcome audience feedback and share their process in creating the film. Also in attendance will be co-star Zack Norman, known for performances in Jaglom&

s earlier films as well as featured roles in Romancing the Stone and Cadillac Man. It will offer the unique opportunity to give feedback to a filmmaker that may impact the final edit. &

As Hollywood movies get worse and worse, Henry Jaglom just gets better and better!&

- Roger Ebert


Henry Jaglom is one of the most original directors around and his movies demand involvement &

150; give yourself over to them and they take you over completely. They are to be cherished.&

Jules Fieffer, National Public Radio

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