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Showing at the Varsity

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

Fri 3:20 PM, Sat 6:20 PM, Sun 9:50 AM Plays with: Cuilin Dulach

Directed by Auraeus Solito


The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros&

has the feel of an enormous hot air balloon being slowly inflated Gradually, it begins to take shape and then lifts and soars At this films center is Maxi, the youngest child of widower, Paca The family lives in a Manilla slum, his father and brothers small time thieves Maxi is the family&

s caretaker, a girl who seems to be trapped in a boy&

s body What is inspiring about Maxi&

s story is that he is unrelenting in his love of his family -- his brothers and his father What transpires is both moving and uplifting, and though the film is long, the director, Aureaeus Solito, never steps back from his characters or the arc of the narrative

Cuilin Dulach

Short 10 minutes

Fri 3:20 PM, Sat 6:20 PM, Sun 9:50 AM Plays with: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

Cuílín Dulach lives in a small town in the west of Ireland He is the apple of his mother's eye, yet his father shows him little affection Everywhere he goes, people stare at him Cuilin strives to fit in as best he can but that can be a difficult thing to do when your head is on backwards! The magic of the ancient Irish language, still spoken in remote parts of the West, make this film a cultural experience as well as morale fable A traditional County Clare, slow aire score composed and performed by Irish music great Martin Hayes [subtitles]


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