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Showing at the Varsity

Suzuki Speaks

Documentary 45 minutes

Thu 6:20 PM , Sat 9:20 PM , Sun 3:20 PM , Mon 9:50 AM Plays with: Escape Velocity, Feliz Gravitas

This special presentation captures the passion, vision and inspiration of world-renowned scientist and environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki. In Suzuki Speaks he shares his view of the human animal and our place in the Universe. It is a perspective beyond the current paradigms shaped by scientific thought, the media and global economists. The film's motion graphics weave a tapestry that transforms Dr. Suzuki's thoughts into a complete sensory experience, literally creating new worlds and new ways of seeing. He delivers a most powerful message on the relationship between the four 'sacred' elements, and their influence on the 'interconnectedness' people feel individually, with each other and with the rest of the world. Earth + Air + Fire + Water = Life


Escape Velocity

Documentary 28 minutes

Thu 6:20 PM , Sat 9:20 PM , Sun 3:20 PM , Mon 9:50 AM Plays with: Feliz Gravitas, Suzuki Speaks

Scott Ligon&

s animated film explores the connection between Attention Deficit Disorder and creativity. Using his own life in self-deprecating, humorous examples, he forms a stream of consciousness and multi-layered narrative that emulates the day to day A.D.D. experience.


Feliz Gravitas

Documentary 7 minutes

Thu 6:20 PM , Sat 9:20 PM , Sun 3:20 PM , Mon 9:50 AM Plays with: Escape Velocity, Suzuki Speaks

Directed by Noah Philips-Edwards


t expect a serious history lesson on the historian, but do expect a funny, irreverent spoof of History Channel biographies. Student filmmaker Philips-Edwards proceeds to entertain and annoy at once in this fractured look at Newton&

s life. Surprisingly, some scientific information is told as well.

Ashland High School student Daniel Burt provides more than a few laughs as the film&

s narrator, Jimmy Cortex, who is animated in the South Park vein.

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