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Showing at the Varsity

Favela Rising

Thu 9:20 PM , Fri 9:50 AM , Sun 9:20 PM , Mon 3:20 PM Plays with: God Sleeps in Rwanda

This film documents a man and a movement, a city divided and a favela (Brazilian squatter settlement) united. Haunted by the murders of his family and many of his friends, Anderson Sá is a former drug-trafficker who turns social revolutionary in Rio de Janeiro&

s most feared slum. Through hip-hop rhythms of the street and Afro-Brazilian dance he rallies his community to counteract the violent oppression enforced by teenage &

drug soldiers&

and sustained by corrupt police. Chronicling the rise to greatness of the AfroReggae movement, the film shows how the music and culture of Brazil's underclass transform into a catalyst for grassroots social-change. Co-Director Jeff Zimbalist says &

The film celebrates the strength of the human spirit to assert itself in the face of human rights violations, social injustice, and unexpected adversity.&


God Sleeps in Rwanda

Documentary 29 minutes

Thu 9:20 PM , Fri 9:50 AM , Sun 9:20 PM , Mon 3:20 PM Plays with: Favela Rising

In the 1994 Rwandan genocide as many as — million lost their lives in 100 days. With the focus of killing on men, the country was left nearly 70% female. This handed Rwanda's women an extraordinary burden and an unprecedented opportunity. Stepping into roles traditionally held by men Rwandan women changed their world. In a culture that historically prohibited women from performing even the most rudimentary of tasks, they are now becoming heads of households and business owners, mayors, legislators and ministers of state. The movement is not just political but also deeply personal The film won the Best Short Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Golden Gate award for best of documentaries, shorts, animation and others at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Documentary: Short Subject.


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