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Showing at the Varsity

Positively Naked

Thu 12:40 PM , Fri 3:40 PM , Sun 9:40 PM

Directed by Arlene Donnelly Nelson and David Nelson


Positively Naked&

is positively wonderful. And actually &


is the operative word for it features 85 HIV positive folks who gather in a downtown Manhattan restaurant and have their photo taken collectively by the contemporary artist Spencer Tunick. What begins as a tentative discussion of disrobing in front of a roomful of strangers turns into a celebration of life. All is stripped away and then all is forgotten other than a blending of bodies and personalities and the fact that each is surviving, yes, but also living. Indeed, still living. In its own way this powerful film is a love story.


Family Portrait

Documentary 28 minutes

Thu 12:40 PM , Fri 3:40 PM , Sun 9:40 PM Plays with: Death of Kevin Carter, The , Positively Naked

In 1968, photographer and journalist Gordon Parks wrote an article for Life magazine about race and poverty in the United States, basing his story on the true life struggles of one family living in Harlem. The article touched so many people that Parks and Life were able to purchase the family a home in a healthier environment. 37 years later, we look at how that family continually struggled, how two members of the family survived, and how the human spirit shines in even the darkest corners of civilization.

The Death of Kevin Carter

Documentary 27 minutes

Thu 12:40 PM , Fri 3:40 PM , Sun 9:40 PM Plays with: Family Portrait, Positively Naked

Directed by Dan Krauss

Kevin Carter was a photojournalist who left the sanctuary of the white South African suburbs to shoot the desperate and often horrendous images of apartheid, images which stirred the conscience of the world and eventually provoked condemnation and outrage globally. This intense film shows the courage and at times recklessness necessary to get that one photo. He won the Pulitzer Prize for a harrowing image of a starving young girl who was walking toward an aid station, one step at a time, stalked by a buzzard. That one singular moment called into question his role as a detached observer, or savior. It raised questions that Kevin found more than he could bear -- questions that all journalists and makers of documentary films must grapple with.


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