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Showing at the Varsity

Neo Ned

Thu 12:30 PM , Fri 9:30 PM , Sat 6:30 PM , Sun 9:30 PM Plays with: Transaction

They say opposites attract. What about an Aryan Brother who falls for a Black woman in a mental institution who thinks she's Adolph Hitler? What starts out as an impossible connection of opposites slowly turns into a wild, emotional story of love, romance, and disillusionment revolving around two people who shouldn't be together. After meeting them you'll know they should never be apart. [adult content, language, violence]



Short 15 minutes

Thu 12:30 PM , Fri 9:30 PM , Sat 6:30 PM , Sun 9:30 PM Plays with: Neo Ned

Warmth and compassion arise in an unlikely place when a man welcomes a woman into his motel room. He pays her to give him something he can't find elsewhere. Their experience suggests that what is illegal or taboo may not always be immoral; sometimes, it may even be necessary. Official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. [adult content]

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